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Piste Basher Driving (Snowcat Driving)

Piste Basher Driving (Snowcat Driving) from Courchevel, Three Vallees, France.

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Piste Basher Driving - Snowcat Driving

£108 / person

Get behind the controls of a Piste Basher (snow cat), learn how to drive and operate this large tracked vehicle a genuine grooming machine round a varied circuit assisted by a professional pilot.

 Piste Basher driving (Snowcat driving) - Operation times
 daily excursions available
 depending on snow conditions and instructor availability

Piste basher driving or snowcat driving excursions are available daily but are governed by two factors. These factors are are instructor availability, if there is not a qualified instructor available then the activity itself can not take place. Secondly and the factor that effects the operation the most of all is that of snow conditions. The operating company likes to run you through everything to do with piste basher driving, this includes the pushing of snow around which then can be groomed as if you were doing it on the slopes and ski runs themselves. If there is not enough snow to perform this task then the activity will NOT operate.

Although this activity operates at quite a high altitude approximately 1900m due to the recent snow conditions we have been having over the last few years the Piste Basher driving activity has only operated a few weeks during the season.


 Piste Basher driving (Snowcat driving) - location
 Piste basher and snowmobiling circuit
 courchevel 1850

The Piste Basher Driving circuit is based in Courchevel 1850 near Courchevel Altiport and next to the restaurant Cap Horn. The circuit consists of a 1.2km track with high bends, embankments, bumps and sloped corners but being in a piste basher you will be able to go pretty much anywhere.

 How to get there from Courchevel
  • SKI

If you are going to ski to the Piste Basher Driving activity YOU WILL NEED TO TAKE NORMAL SHOES with you in order to take part.

From Courchevel 1850 Centre you will need to catch Verdons bubble lift to the top, from her you will need to walk across to the Vizelle bubble which will take you to the top of the Vizzelle mountain. From here you can either ski down Marmottes (red run) or Suisse (black run) the choice is yours! At the bottom of each run you will need to join the Altiport piste (blue run). As you ski along the Altiport piste you will see the Piste Basher driving curcuit on the right hand side just before the restaurant 'Cap Horn'. Look for the Piste Basher and the instructor.


 Piste Basher driving - Operation / Duration and Format
 10-15 minutes instruction
 15 minutes driving

You should arrive to meet the Instructor 5-10 minutes before the requested time. The Instructor might keep you waiting but PLEASE do not keep them waiting. If you need to catch lifts and ski runs in order to get to the meeting point please allow time for lift queues, time to travel on them and time to ski the runs.

When in the Piste Basher the Instructor will give you a quick brief and run you through all the controls. During the session the instructor will be sat beside you providing you will guidance throughout. You will learn how to push snow, how to groom the slopes, ultimately how to drive a Piste Basher.


 Piste Basher driving (Snowcat driving) - Restrictions
 Age - minimum 18 - with a driving license
 17 if you drive agricultural machines for a living

The only restrictions for the Piste Basher Driving activity are that of age. To take part you must be 18 years old and hold a driving license. If you are 17 but drive agricultural equipment for a living it maybe possible to take part.


 Piste Basher driving (Snowcat driving) - Suggested items
 Dress Warm - Ski Clothing -Jacket - salopettes - hat - gloves
 normal shoes to take part in the activity

Piste Basher driving is a daytime mountain activity PLEASE dress appropriately - dress warm ski clothing is essential there is nothing worse than feeling cold whilst tacking part in an activity. Being cold will effect the overall enjoyment of the activity. You will need normal shoes to take part in the activity.


 Piste Basher driving (Snowcat driving) - Numbers
 Maximum - 1

Piste Basher driving can only cater for one person at a time although it is possible for a passenger to sit along side in the cab just for the ride.


 Piste Basher driving (Snowcat driving) - EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS
 Piste-Basher / snowcat

360 degree turning

Caterpillar tracks for momentum


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