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Winter Activities & Snow Sports




All the activities listed within the Whitetracks Activities website are currently being operated by companies who openingly promote their services to the British public within the most popular British ski resorts in France.

Meribel * Courchevel * Val Thorens * Val d'Isére * Tignes * Les Arcs * La Plagne

It is the intention of Whitetracks Activities to provide a service that fills the gaps in the information supplied by these companies in order that you the British public wishing to take part in any of them know more about - How the activities are operated; What you can expect of them; and What changes might occur from one day to the next in order that you the British public get the most out of the experience. After all, like skiing and boarding all the activities can be considered of questionable high risk and just because your on holiday doesn't mean you should go totally mad and dive head first into something that you know very little or nothing about!


All operators should impose rigorous safety standards on themselves and should undertake regular inspections of their equipment and operating procedures. While certain activities carry a degree of risk all activities should be as safe as it is possible to make them. Unfortunately, it is impossible for Whitetracks Activities to monitor the safety aspects of every activity each time someone takes part that is where you come in!

If you have taken part in one of the activities and you feel that the delivery of the safety aspects of either the operation or whilst taking part in the activity were not up to the standards you would expect - Whitetracks Activities would like to hear about it in order that we can tell others.


Due to the nature of the activities, where there is any training or briefing required prior to undertaking any of the activities it should be thorough and comprehensive. Although most of the activities require little or no experience while others, are taken on a 'tandem' basis where you are attached to an experienced instructor who literally does all the work…. you should still have acquired a background knowledge of how and what to do incase of an emergency!

If you feel that there was to little or even to much training or briefing before the commencement of the activity inform Whitetracks Activities so that others can benefit from your experience!


All the specialist equipment you need for a particular activity should be supplied by the operating company. Within the activity information, suggestions will be made for any additional items you may need that will help with the overall enjoyment whilst performing the activity - as we all know being cold makes you feel uncomfortable and the more uncomfortable you feel the less you are going to enjoy the overall experience.


It will depend on the condition and the chosen activity. Generally those who suffer from heart complaints or who are pregnant are not recommended to undertake any activities. Each individual operator have their own restrictions with some having remarkably fewer than others. A more detailed analysis of restrictions will be included within the individual activity information under the heading Restrictions.

If in doubt, you should consult your medical practitioner in advance of your arrival for clarification.


Again these are dependant on the chosen activity and the individual operator, they can include age, height and weight etc - As above, a more detailed analysis of restrictions will be available within the individual activity information.

Please Note: Unless an operating company provides a junior version of their activity Whitetracks Activities recommends that no one under the age of 18 takes part in any of the activities unless otherwise stated: aged 16+ with written parental consent.


Due to the nature of the activities, environmental surroundings, the individual French operating companies, weather conditions, climate changes, seasonal differences and a number of other varying factors concerning safe operation i.e. the behaviour of participants before or during an activity, whether the participant has been drinking prior to taking part etc. The information supplied is and will be subject to many changes. Therefore Whitetracks Activities cannot be held liable for any discrepancies within the information that may occur when performing one of the activities listed.

Generally most activities are not affected by bad weather but sometimes the weather conditions do prevent certain activities from taking place especially the flight options. If the activity is cancelled through bad weather it will be arranged for a different day at a convenience to yourself and that of the operator if this is not possible you will be entitled to a full refund of any payment.


It's natural to be nervous and a little anxious before doing something you've never done before especially something that might seem absolutely crazy. You don't have to be an adrenaline junkie! The more nervous you are before performing an activity the greater the feeling of accomplishment once it's completed! So don't be worried about feeling nervous….

It's all part of the Whitetr@ks* Winter Experience!

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