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Mono Bob

Mono Bob at the Olympic Bobsleigh Track, La Plagne, France

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Mono Bob


No professional pilot, no one else, just you and the ride of your life. Are you ready to scream down the track at around 90km/h, in a semi-horizontal position all alone in a one man bob? Thrills and adrenaline guaranteed! you'll have an unbeatable view all the way down... and there'll be no looking back!


The bobsleigh track at La Plagne was built for the Olympic Games Albertville in 1992. The bobsleigh track was built in La Plagne thanks to the enthusiasm of the Bobsleigh club in Macot, an area of La Plagne itself. The bobsleigh club in Macot was the only club in the Savoie region which still had active members. They used the old mining track in La Plagne to organise bob competitions on the road.

From the 8th to the 23rd February 1992 the Olympic track in La Plagne welcomed 350 athletes from 27 different countries to take part in the 3 different luge competitions and 2 different bobsleigh competitions: Men’s singles, women’s singles and men’s doubles and the Two man and four man Bob.

Since 1992 the track has been open every winter for bobsleighing, luge and skeleton. It is the only track in France. Clubs and teams from all over the world come here to train and take part in the various competitions throughout the season. The track is open most evenings for the public to try the Bob-Raft and the Taxi-Bob. Over 10 000 people have already experienced the thrills of these activities in La Plagne.


 MONO BOB - LUGE - operation times
 Late afternoon - early evening Dependent on other tracks fixtures
 Dependent on Weather and Ice conditions

Due to the Mono Bob activity needing ice the Bobsleigh track is only open during certain months of the year. December is the earliest that the track can open with the warmer temperatures of March forcing the track to close early in the season.

The Bobsleigh track in La Plagne is the only Bobsleigh track in France meaning not only is it open to the General public but more importantly it is open to Bobsleigh, Skeleton and Luge teams from France and other teams from across the World that come and train on a regular basis. Due to this training the track itself is open to the General public to take part in the Mono Bob on daily basis except Mondays BUT ONLY between certain times (Late afternoon -Early evening) These times can be open to change by right of the operating company.

The Bobsleigh track and Mono Bob activity can also be prone to closure when the weather or ice conditions are not right. If it is snowing excessively heavy the workers sometimes don't have enough time to clear the snow away from the track before it is covered again. Although rare it does happen when it does the track does not operate.


 MONO BOB - LUGE - location and Track dimensions
 Olympic Bobsleigh Track
 La Plagne, France

La Plagne has one of the best bobsleigh tracks in the world. It was the official Olympic track used for the Olympic Games at Albertville in 1992. It is 1500m long which allows you to experience an average speed of 80km/h in a Bob Raft feeling forces up to 2.5 G's in the bends.

How to get there from Meribel

La Plagne is not connected in anyway to Meribel other than road or by air. To drive to La Plagne it is necessary to drive down the mountain from Meribel to Moutiers. From Moutiers you need to head up the valley road towards Aime and Bourg St Maurice. After about 20 minutes driving you need to turn off and enter Aime. From Aime you need to start making your way back up the mountain to La Plagne. The whole journey from Meribel to La Plagne takes about 50-60 minutes depending on traffic and weather.

  • TAXI



Catch a Helicopter from the helipad at the Altiport in Meribel to the Olympic Bobsleigh track in La Plagne. A taxi will be waiting for you at the Helipad in La Plagne awaiting your arrival ready to escort you and the participants to the Bobsleigh track. Once you have finished the Bobsleigh activity the taxi will again escort back to the Helicopter where you will catch it back to Meribel.


 MONO BOB - LUGE - OPERATION /duration / format
 5-15 minutes - signing in, brief and collection of helmet
 5 minutes - getting into and organisation in Mono Bob
 Approximately 90 second descent
 5-10 minutes organisation at the bottom of the track
 5 minutes transfer back to the top

When you arrive 10 minutes before your allocated time you will need to go to the front desk to sign in. To get to the front desk from the Bobsleigh track car par park you will need to walk through the big open metal gates turn right, walk across the top of the track 'the push start area' and through the doors into the competitors changing room.

Once signed in you will need to wait until you are called. Once called the operator will open up the desk and direct you through a door which will lead you to a room where you will need to choose a helmet. When choosing a helmet make sure you choose one that is firm and secure on your head. PLEASE remember to fasten the clip which will ensure that the helmet does not come off.

Once you have you helmet you are now in line to take part in the Mono-Bob. You will need to wait until you are called for your turn. When it is your go one of the instructors will call you forward. Using the metal steps provided you will climb over the track ice wall and make your way to the empty Mono-Bob. BE CAREFUL it is sheet ice and very slippery. When you are next to the Mono-Bob, one of the instructors will make you get in and fasten you in safely, he will then tell you to hold on to the hand bars which are located by your sides. When securely in the Mono-Bob with the front cage closed its just a matter of waiting until its time to go! When ready the Instructor will start pushing you forward till eventually he will let go and away you will go!.... ENJOY THE RIDE!!

The Mono-Bob is a single person Bob based on the Luge. You will be lying down in a semi-horizontal position with you head slightly raised on a padded head rest with a seat belt across your waist. The Mono-Bob runs on 20cm wide runners it is a self steering and self braking pod/cage that uses gravity to follow the curvature of the track until it reaches the end.

At the bottom of the track, the Mono-Bob will travel up an incline to slow down. When the Mono-Bob has come to a complete standstill the instructor will connect a wire to the front of the Mono-Bob ready to pull it up the rest of the slope. The instructor will then open up the front and will tell you to jump out. AGAIN be careful you will be stepping out onto sheet ice. Once you are out of the Mono-Bob they will drag it to the top where they will remove it from the track, and slide it onto the back of the truck. You will need to make your way to the top of the slope where you will get into the truck and be brought back up to the top of the track.


 MONO BOB - LUGE - restrictions
 Minimum age 16 years old with parental agreement


 MONO BOB - LUGE - equipment supplied

The Bobsleigh track supply you with a helmet it is compulsory that you wear it whilst taking part in the Mono-Bob activity. The Mono-Bob helmets have a visor so you will not need to bring goggles with you to take part in the activity.


 MONO BOB - LUGE - suggested items
 Warm clothing - Ski Clothing - jacket, sallopettes and gloves

The Bobsleigh track by its very nature needs to be kept cold to help preserve the ice, due to this the track was built in a valley. Past a certain time in the day the track receives no daylight. The Bobsleigh track in La Plagne is one of the coldest places on earth. Dress warm there is nothing worse than feeling cold whilst taking part in an activity especially one so spectacular as the Mono-Bob. REMEMBER if you are cold it's only going to take the edge of your overall enjoyment. WEAR warm ski clothing - Jacket, Sallopettes and Gloves.


 MONO BOB - LUGE - staff numbers
 1 passengers - 'just you and the ride of your life'

There are a number of staff at the Bobsleigh track who are all there to perform their individual jobs. You have the guy that puts you into the Mono-bob who then straps or seat belts you in and closes the front. Once ready he then pushes the Mono-Bob which then sends you down the track.

There are guys dotted down the track on the different corners who after each Mono-Bob descent sprays the corners with water and then scrapes the ice smooth again with special scrapers keeping the ice in near perfect condition for the next Mono-Bob.



The Mono-Bob is based on the Luge. It is a cage/pod made of composite materials in which the participant lies down in a semi-horizontal position on a foam padded seat/bed with a raised headrest that angles your head slightly forward so that you can see everything that is coming your way. The Mono-bob has a seat belt that goes across your waist and has a hinged front that opens and closes to encage you inside.



  • British Bob Skeleton Association
  • The British Bobsleigh Association


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