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Whitetracks no longer organises quad biking.

Quad Biking on snow is very different to quad biking on any other terrain, with the back wheels sliding out and your front ones not always making you go in the direction that you point them. Quad Biking on snow is an exhilarating and fun activity that anyone who has driven quad bikes or has an interest in must have a go.

 QUAD BIKING - Operation times
 daily - 7 days a week
 hourly from 3.00pm (1500hrs)

Quad biking operates daily from 1500hrs you can either quad bike during daylight hours or under flood light at night the choice is yours.


 Les grand combes - between courchevel 1550 and courchevel 1650
 600m outdoor track in the shape of a giant question mark

Quad Biking in Courchevel takes place on an outdoor track in an area of Courchevel called les Grand Combes which is situated between Courchevel 1550 and Courchevel 1650. The track itself is encased with walls of snow and is approximately 600m long and 6m wide with variety of hair-pins bends with plenty of space for overtaking or being over taken as the real case might be. When the light fades in the late of the evening the track is flood lit.

 How to get there from Meribel

Les Grands Combes and the Outdoor Ice Karting is about a 20 minute drive from the centre of Meribel using the mountain road from Meribel to Courchevel - traveling past Meribel Village, La Tania and through La Praz.


 QUAD BIKING - Duration and Format
 5 - 10 minute organization of equipment / Safety Instruction brief
 10 / 20 / 30 minutes driving
 5 minutes handing in equipment

When you arrive 10-15 minutes before your allocated time you need to make your way down to the Quad Biking office and tell the operators that you have arrived. You will be told to grab a hair net for hygiene reasons and then find a helmet that fits. As soon as you all have helmets it will be time for your instruction and safety brief - Pay close attention to the brief as the operator has total right to cut your Quad biking session short if you do not obey the rules! When the operator is ready he will send you out on the ice where he will then tell when you can go - Be careful it is slippery!

After your 10/20/30 minutes driving the quad bikes has finished the operator will stop the activity calling you back in. At this time you will vacate the ice, place the helmets back where you found them and throw away you used hair nets.


 QUAD BIKING - Operation / Restrictions
 alcohol must not be consumed before Quad biking!
 Driver - Minimum age 16

As with all the activities Quad biking comes with restrictions. It is important that Alcohol is NOT consumed before taking part. If Alcohol has been consumed the Quad biking Operator is within right to refuse you access to the track for your Quad biking session. If this happens you will lose any moneys paid for the quad biking activity.

Quad biking has an age restriction of 16 years of age and older.


 Quad BIKING - Equipment Supplied
 Hair net

The Quad Biking company supplies hair nets for you to wear for hygiene purposes under the helmet that is also supplied. The wearing of a helmet whilst taking part in the Quad Biking activity is compulsory.


 QUAD BIKING - Suggested items
 Dress Warm - Ski Clothing - Jackets, Ski Pants, Gloves
 'no' ski boots!

The Quad Biking activity takes place on an outdoor track and mainly at night. Whilst taking part in the Quad Biking activity you will not notice the cold due to the excitement, adrenalin and concentration. Please dress for the occasion, warm ski clothing - a ski jacket, salopettes are advisable as well as gloves.


  • KYMCO 250 KXR
  • Tyres- studded



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